Humanitarian and Activist Work Abroad

Canada has long supported humanitarian and activist work abroad. Some notable examples are WE Charity, Centre Canadien for Justice International, and Eurovangelism. Larissa Dawson, a Jamaican-Metis woman from Calgary, began her humanitarian career at age 16. She helped set up a library in Ghana, and also gave to the Kainai Reserve Public Library in her hometown. She later graduated with honors from York University and then applied her research into renewable energy policy. She now advocates for anti-racism in the global energy sector.

Canada Has Long Supported Humanitarian And Activist Work Abroad

Canadian humanitarian and activists

Whether you’re interested in human rights, social justice, or war, you’ll be able to find an organization that focuses on these issues. The list below will highlight some notable Canadian humanitarians and activists. Many of these organizations are global, but some are local, and many have international recognition. Those looking for a job opportunity that supports human rights and promotes peace in the world should consider these organizations. Listed below are some of their most prominent achievements.

Marc Kielburger is a medical doctor and founder of the non-profit organization War Child Canada and War Child USA. He was named one of Canada’s top influencers and one of the top 200 most influential young people in the world. He has since been awarded the Order of Ontario and an Officer of the Order of Canada. These organizations help to bring about peace in their communities. They often provide medical assistance, educational support, and cultural programs.