What Is a Robot?

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The term ‘Robot’ has become a household term after the release of the Astro home robot by Amazon. A robotic dancer is among the most famous examples of such a machine, which can imitate human actions. The first robotic dancer was created in 1954 by George Devol, and was able to demonstrate moves. In the 1960s, General Motors purchased the robotic dancer and sent it to work at the factory. The robot performed various tasks, such as lifting hot metal and making music.

The term ‘robot’ was coined in 1921 by Karl Capek. The title of the play, “R.U.R.” (Rossum’s Universal Robots), described a world in which humans were defeated by robots. The play made a political statement rather than a technological one, but the concept of a robotic adversary has continued to develop. Currently, the definition of a robot should include programmable computers and automated computer programs.

Another important feature of a robot is its ability to interact with its environment. Acting has a broad definition in the context of robots. It refers to a wide range of activities and is more than just moving around. The word ‘acting’ has a broader meaning than merely moving and interacting. A robot that can manipulate its environment, such as changing its position, or even the humidity level in a room, is considered a robot. While Cnc machines and other mechanical toys aren’t really robots, they are a good example of anthropomorphic thinking.

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